June 6th 2020

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Suggestive talking points when meeting with your local legislative candidates

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Safety Alert!

Check your fire extinguishers! Extinguisher maker Kidde has recalled millions of models of their push button and pull handle fire extinguishers, dating back to the 1970s. Reportedly, the reason is that they have been found to not work properly. Click here to visit the Kidde website and find out what to look for in your fire extinguisher.

The Democrats Control the Legislature

The big question is, now that we have new leadership, what will it mean for LEOFF 1?

2017 election results put the Democrats in control of both the Senate and House. There are 49 Senators, with 25 Democrats and 23 Republicans. The House of Representatives has 98 members with 50 Democrats and 48 Republicans.

Assembly Day

Senate Legislative Assembly Days are scheduled for November 13 - November 15 House Legislative Assembly Days are scheduled for November 15 - November 17


Joe Fischnaller passed away and will be missed

The Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Coalition mourns the loss of a long-time friend and determined Leoff1 advocate. ...read more

Tacoma Police Office Gutierrez Killed To Save His Partner and The Shooter's Wife

Police Officer Gutierrez Our thoughts and prayers go out the the family of Tacoma Police Officer Reginald "Jake" Gutierrez. Police Officer Gutierrez was killed after responding to a domestic violence call on Wednesday November 30, 2016.
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A letter from Dave Peery - Click here.


The office of the State Actuary is collecting comments on the LEOFF1/TRS/Merger study. For the survey click here. For more information on the update click here. Please express your concerns. For questions call the LEOFF1 office ask for Joyce (360) 570-1035 or 1-877-553-6631.

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First Class City Disability Boards

Good Things the Coalition has Accomplished

In Appreciation of Mike Matson - 2011