July 20th 2024

2024 Pension Payment Schedule

Mark your calendar – the new schedule is here!

DRS issues pension payments on the last business day of each month. Please note: the date you receive your payment will depend on your financial institution.

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Join the LEOFF1 Coalition Protect Your Retirement Plan and Medical Benefits

The Coalition is the only state wide organization that exclusively represents retired LEOFF1 Members and Beneficiaries.

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Good afternoon Retired LEOFF 1 Coalition Members and Beneficiaries,

Please read the letter below; I received from Shawn Merchant, the Washington State Department of Retirement

Hello Joyce,

First let me apologize on behalf of DRS and myself for the issue where we inadvertently withheld taxes that should not have been withheld from the lump sum benefit paid to LEOFF 1 disability retirees.

DRS estimates that approximately 2300 members were affected by this error and had taxes withheld that should not have been withheld.

DRS will correct this error and I can assure you and our members that we will pay each member what they are entitled to, tax free, by January 31, 2023. No member will have any adverse tax implications as a result of our error and therefor will not need or be sent a 1099.

Our plan is to email members we have email addresses for. Members of this group for whom we do not have an email address will be contacted by telephone in the very near future.

Once again I apologize for this unfortunate error and assure you we will do everything to make sure members are paid everything they are entitled to.

Shawn Merchant
Pronouns: he/him
Director Legislative and Community Relations
Department of Retirement Systems
6835 Capitol Boulevard
Tumwater, Washington 98501


LEOFF I Coalition
407 West Bay Dr NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Please print, fill out, and send this
membership form to the address above


Please print, fill out, and send this form
with your membership dues to the address above

Make checks payable to: LEOFF I Coalition

For questions or comments, please call (360) 570-1035

If you have any questions at all, please call Joyce Willms, LEOFF 1 Coalition Executive Director: (360) 570-1035 or (360) 790-9129


2023 Updates on Signing In to Testify in Committee

For those interested in testifying on a bill in committee, here are ways to testify for a committee hearing remotely. I sent comments in support of Operating and Capital Budget items this way. With funding/budget bills all introduced this week, the policy bills are next.

How to register to testify?

Use the Legislature’s Committee Sign-In program! You can use a web-enabled device to go to www.app.leg.wa.gov/csi or use one of the sign-in kiosks located on the Capitol Campus.

Updates for 2023:

• More Testimony Options - You now can testify either in person or remotely. All testifiers are automatically registered for Zoom and will receive a link in case their plans change.

• Longer Registration Period – Registration is no longer limited to the day of the hearing. You may now register as soon as a bill is scheduled for public hearing until 1 hour before the meeting is scheduled to begin (you will not be able to register after this deadline has passed).

• Easier to Register – Registration locations are no longer limited to the Capitol Campus. You may now register to testify from any location, even from home.

• Easier to Submit Written Testimony – You may submit written testimony online from the time a bill is scheduled until up to 24 hours after the start of the hearing (committees are paperless and hand-outs are no longer accepted).

LEOFF Benefit Enhancements - Lump Sum Options, Increased Pension, Which One To Choose?


DRS announced benefit enhancements for all LEOFF members. Current retirees will receive a one-time lump sum. Currently employed LEOFF members have a choice and new hires will automatically receive the new enhanced pension calculation.

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Wa. St. Department of Retirement System
Beneficiary Designation

This form allows members, retirees, survivors,legal-order payees and those separated from service to name or update their benefit recipients.

2023 pension payment schedule

Posted on December 29, 2022

Mark your calendar – the new schedule is here! DRS issues pension payments on the last business day of each month. Please note: the date you receive your payment will depend on your financial institution.

2023 pension payment schedule

Jan 31 Feb 28 Mar 31 Apr 28 May 31 Jun 30
Jul 31 Aug 31 Sep 29 Oct 31 Nov 30 Dec 29

If you’ve changed banks recently, you can change your direct deposit settings in your online account.

How to update your direct deposit:

Log in to your online account

In the left-hand column select My Account. This will bring up a table of your account information.

Next to Direct Deposit select View/Edit.

For security, enter the bank account number you have on file.

Enter the new routing number. Select Validate Number.

Enter the new account number and information. Select Accept.

Click here download the Beneficiary Designation Form

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

From the LEOFF1Coalition Board

Line-of-duty Disability Will Not Pay Tax

LEOFF Plan 1: Lump-sum benefit
LEOFF Plan 1 members will be eligible for a one-time lump-sum benefit equal to $100 per service credit month earned by the member. and will be payable by or before Jan. 31, 2023.

Those members who retire with a line-of-duty disability or the beneficiary will receive a one-time lump-sum benefit equal to $100 per service credit month or $20,000, whichever is greater. If you are not currently paying taxes on your monthly retirement payment, you will not pay taxes on the one-time lump sum you will receive in January,2023.

Suppose a LEOFF Plan 1 member dies after this law is the effective date before the distribution of the lump-sum benefit takes place. In that case, the distribution will be made to their designated beneficiaries.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Joyce Willms Executive Director LEOFF1 Coalition
Office 360 570 1035, cell 360 790 9129.

Scammers are calling LEOFF 1 Members and Benfuarary

Do Not Give Personal Information.

Scammers want your money, and they are calling LEOFF 1 Members and beneficiaries and impersonating the Dept. of Retirement, LEOFF 1 Organization, Law Enforcement Agency, or a Fire Dept. and trying to grab your pension and the one lump-sum benefit you will be receiving in January

To Report Sams, Please call your local Law Enforcement Agency and notify the Dept. of Retirement at 800 -547-6657 and the LEOFF1 Coalition Office Joyce Willms Executive Director at office 360-570-1035, Cell 360-790-9120.

Here is a summary for LEOFF 1 lump-sum eligibility

• Retirees retired on or before 6/9/2022.

• Survivors receiving benefits on or before 6/9/2022.

• Designated beneficiary where death occurred on or before 6/9/2022.

If death occurs before 6/9/2022 and there is no survivor or designated beneficiary no payment is owed

If death occurs after 6/9/2022 payment will be made based on designation, if there is no designation payment will go to the estate.

Once payment is received no one is owed additional lump-sum enhancement payments.

COLAs for LEOFF Plan 1 (effective April 1, 2022)

Click here to read the updated COLA information.

Update on LEOFF 1 Surplus, SSB 5791

Governor's actions: The Governor reviews the bill.
The Governor may decide to sign it, veto part of it, or veto all of it. If the Governor vetoes part or all of it, the Legislature may vote to override the veto (this rarely happens).

If the governor does not act on a bill after the allotted number of days, it is as if it was signed. From the Governor's desk, bills go to the Secretary of State who assigns a session law chapter number.

SSB 5791 House Appropriations Committee

Public Hearing on TVW:

  • Don McCabe, Vice Present of the Washington State Retired Deputy Sheriffs and Police Officers Association, and a active member of the LEOFF 1 Coalition
  • Joyce Willms, Executive Director of the LEOFF 1 Coalition, the only statewide organization exclusively representing Retired LEOFF 1 Members and Beneficiaries.

The LEOFF 1 Surplus belongs to LEOFF 1 Members and Beneficiaries.

House Appropriations Committee - Watch Live

Click here to watch the House Appropriations Committee Meeting live today (Feb. 22) at 3:30PM.

Medicare Coverage Outside the United States is Limited! Click here to find out more

LEOFF Plan 1 disability benefits.

Check with your disability board regarding your medical coverage outside the United States.

Pension and Investments

Washington state high court rules pension benefit reductions are constitutional
Click here for more details.

The LEOFF 1 Coalition website contains some files that come in a "pdf" format which requires Adobe's Acrobat Reader in order to view and search through the documents. If you don't already have it, you can download it here.  It's free from Adobe.


Legislator Information!
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more information.

Join the Leoff 1 Coalition

Protect Your Retirement Plan and Medical Benefits

The Coalition is the only state wide organization that exclusively represents retired LEOFF1 Members and Beneficiaries.




Update Your Information

Contact Joyce Willms at joyce@leoff1coalition.org or by calling the Coalition office at 360-570-1035.

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Swisher v. City of Moses Lake
Swisher v. City of Moses Lake Case letter from Joe Fischnaller, Atty - Click here

Finding of Fact Conclusions of Law and Order - case document filed Feb. 5, 2010 - Click here

Order of Motion for Summer Judgement - case document filed Oct. 9, 2009 - Click here

Superior Court of Washington for Grant County, Elvis T. Swisher vs City of Moses Lake - July 7, 2008 - Click here

State Legislators

Please read this
Bakenhus Decision 1956

of the

Original 1970 Manual
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Medical Benefits For Plan1 Members
Wa.St. RCW 41.26.030 Section 19
Last Updated March 2017

Law Enforcement Officers' and Fire Fighters' Plan 1 Hand Book

Contact - 1-800-547-6657
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Department of Retirement Systems

Leoff1 Plan Disability Benefits
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Leoff1 Plan Disability Board Guidelines
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What To Do When
A Death Occurs

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Contact - 1-800-547-6657 ext.47081

Washington State Department of Retirement Systems

Annual Inflation
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Lifetime Retirement
Planning Frequently
Asked Questions

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Health Care:
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